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Awesome Tanks 2

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The first what i must say you about Awesome Tanks 2 game, that it is fascinating to play, it have an average game system and natural controls. AT2 figures out how to bring the game a ton nearer to the “AWESOME” as the title suggests. Awesome Tanks 2 is to a greater degree an enormous change than it is a simple continuation. All things considered, there is no proceeding with storyline and there have been no real changes in the game itself. There are enhanced visuals, more foes, more stages, and more redesigns, basically the first Awesome Tanks with a lot of additional items included. Streak game spin-offs can be one of two things: a genuine true blue spin-off that begins you off from a different indicate as looked at the main game (normally, directly after the principal game’s completion), and the second sort of glimmer game spin-off is essentially a rendition 2 of the first game. Awesome Tanks 2 is more a variant 2 than a genuine continuation.

The catch with “Enhanced Variants” rather than genuine continuations is that the enhanced ones dependably transform the primary game into something excess. So we will remain this straight out: if you have not attempted the principal Awesome Tanks 2 game, skip it and play this one. Everything that the main game gave is in here, just better. Same controls, same idea, and enhancements aside, it is likewise, similar game. How about we simply trust that if they make an Awesome Tanks 2, it would be something that is a huge stride forward from these initial two.

For those of you not acquainted with AT2, the game is a fantastic shooter. You take control of a tank in a top down two-dimensional 360 degree shooter. The WASD or console directional keys permit you to control and move your tank –allowing you to position yourself in vital areas on the guide (to get great vantage indicates and evade adversary fire). The mouse permits you to point and shoot in for all intents and purposes any bearing.

All in all, is the game Awesome Tanks 2 as awesome as the title recommends? Nearly there however not exactly, the illustrations have surely been refined and they are a ton better to take a gander at. There are likewise new weapons to play around with (and new foes to shoot them with!), and the stage plan has turned into significantly more sensible. If you appreciated the principal, this is an unequivocal stride up as far as quality. Also, if you have not played the main, simply play this one.

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